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Professional Headshot Vs. The Amateur

There is a reason why professionals hire professional photographers to get professional headshots.  (Did we overemphasize the point?)

If you’re an amateur at your craft you might be inclined to get a friend to take your headshot with a phone or worse – use your selfie stick and do your own.  Don’t cheap out. 

We do professional headshots.  Get business headshots, corporate portraits and executive headshots done right by a pro.

Taking excellent business headshots is an art.  The back drop to your corporate portrait or half-body shot could be very plain or decked out with a background that reflects who you are or what you do.  There are many other elements that go into creating a great executive headshot including Facial Retouching. Not every headshot photographer can do that.


It needs to be framed from the chest up, catching you looking directly at the camera.  Eye contact is one of the most important elements of a professional headshot.  The lighting has to be right to avoid weird shadows that make you look older or even sinister.  


A pro will pose your corporate portrait to showcase the personality and aura you want to display.  That will make it memorable and noticeable even if it's a small profile picture. 


Remember – a professional headshot is kind of like the logo for your personal brand. And just like a business logo, it'll appear everywhere you showcase your personal brand online: your LinkedIn profile, your Twitter profile, blog, email signatures, and so on.   Just like your business logo, it's a great opportunity for you to use your executive headshot to make a lasting, positive impression on your audience.


So, before you reach for your selfie stick, you should ask yourself if you want an amateur or professional headshot. 

Where To Get Professional Headshot Images

If you’ve decided that its professional headshots you want for a business card, website or magazine article you now know how critically important it is to present the right image. 


Michelle will capture the exact expression you want to convey in your business headshot.  Only a skilled photographer can make your executive headshots reveal the look you want.  Camera angle alone can show strength and authority in a business headshot or warmth and friendliness. Tell us what impression the audience should have when they see your corporate portrait and we’ll do the rest.  Unless it’s only for your company ID tag, your headshot should be planned out and taken by a pro.

Click The “Get A Quote” Button To Request An Estimate For Your Executive Headshots.


Don’t take a chance with your corporate portrait.  Regardless of your position in the organization you want professional headshots for your audience.  It is especially important if your executive headshots will be seen by thousands of people.  

Get business headshots done by a pro.  We do professional headshots, corporate portraits and executive headshots.
We do business headshots.  Get professional headshots, corporate portraits and executive headshots done professionally.

Nervous? Don’t be.  Getting a professional head shot is fun when you have a photographer that loves her work. Your smile will come out naturally and that shows through in the photo.

As you pose in front of her lens she’ll take many images to capture that one perfect representation of you.  She has all the right cameras and lenses to catch it and the lighting and software to enhance it but most importantly… she has the skills, training and experience to create totally professional headshots.


Get your business headshots taken by Michelle Manzoni.  Don’t settle for substitutes.  Click the “Get A Quote” button or call Michelle now to get a cost estimate.

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