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That Nasty Glare Is A Real Pain In The Glass!

I do a lot of headshots. I mean a lot! Some are dating site headshots, others professional headshots and a lot are social media headshots.

One question I often get is, “Should I take my glasses off?” I usually ask, “Do you normally wear glasses?”

The answer is almost always yes. If that’s the case, most people are used to seeing you with glasses on. They are part of your persona. So why would you get your headshot done without them? I’m not shocked to learn that they almost always tell me it’s because they are concerned about glare.

No doubt, they’ve had photos done where the glare has practically obscured their eyes completely. I understand that concern. I have developed techniques to eliminate that problem altogether. It’s a combination of using appropriate camera angles, placing my lights at strategic locations and positioning my flash for bounce lighting or not at all. Voilà – no glare.

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