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It Takes Patience And A Sense Of Humour

This was one of my favorite shoots. Two reasons – ONE; the children in the shoot were so adorable and practically oblivious to the camera. TWO; it was a great opportunity to support a worthy cause - the Canadian Cancer Society. This was especially important to me because I lost my dad to cancer.

We found a creative way to convey the message in a picture to be used in a promotional post card. The photo was intended to inspire people to support the Canadian Cancer Society’s Fearless Challenge.

Who ever said, “You’re not in control when you photograph kids or animals.” was absolutely right. As a portrait photographer I learned this early on. With a lot of patience and a sense of humour we took many shots to get this one. It was fun. In the end we both agreed this would be the one to do what we wanted. As it turns out, we were right - their campaign was very successful.

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