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What To Expect From

A Professional Event Photographer

A professional event photographer must have the right experience and proper equipment to capture your event.

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Of all the different types of photography, events are the trickiest to do well.  It takes a lot more than simply knowing what shutter speed to use.  There are no retakes and no setting up the shot.  You have to be quick on the draw and know what the intended use is for the images.

Get Photography Events coverage by a professional event photographer. Get a quote for our event photography hourly rate.
Can Anybody Be
A Professional Event Photographer?

Event photography is one-third skill, one-third creativity and the rest is intuition. Michelle is always ready with her lens focused and finger on the button ready to capture what happens next. There are no retakes.  She makes every shot count.  Hundreds of shots are taken to arrive at a handful of stunning images that capture the spirit and emotion of the occasion.

Instead of going through the hassle of dealing with event photography companies, hire an independent professional event photographer to get the job done expertly and economically.

Michelle has the skills and experience to deliver images that you can be very proud of – images that leave a lasting impression on your event goers.

How Much Does A Professional Event Photographer Cost?


As much as we’d like to post an event photography hourly rate for you, we really can’t because costs are based on what you need for your event. For example, you may need special lighting or printed photos available right at the event.  What about editing or formatting of the images?  Etc. etc.

We can do anything you need at a competitive rate.  Takes just a minute to find out - call or click.

Click the “Get A Quote” button or call Michelle now to get a photography events cost estimate.

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Most event photography companies don’t even bother to ask…

“What kind of emotions do the photos need to portray?”

“Should they be fun and laid back like a social media firm?”
“Or powerful and stern like corporate litigators?​


Before hiring any freelance event photographer be sure that he or she has the right credentials.  Michelle’s portfolio includes Olympic celebrations, galas, beauty pageants, award ceremonies and sporting events. 

Event photographer catches motion at a sporting event.
Event photography companies seldom post  event photography hourly rates.
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