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Professional Business Portrait 

Versus The Amateur

There is a valid reason why professionals hire professional portrait photographers to get professional business portraits.  (Did we overemphasize the point?)

If you’re an amateur at your craft you might be thinking about getting a friend to take your head shot with their cellphone or even worse – use your selfie stick to do it yourself.  Don’t cheap out. 

This image can only come from a corporate portrait photographer with the experience of a headshot photographer.

Good work done by a skilled headshot photographer is a fine art. The back drop you choose for your half-body shot or portrait photograph could be plain or it can display a background that reveals who you are and what you do.  There a lot of elements that go into creating professional business portraits including Facial Retouching. Not all headshot photographers can do that.


It should be framed from the chest up while you’re looking directly at the camera.  Eye contact is crucial for a great looking professional business portrait.  The lighting has to be set up correctly to avoid weird shadows that make you look older and maybe even sinister. Yikes!


Your professional business portrait is like a logo for your personal brand. Like a business logo, it will appear wherever you display your personal brand online: your LinkedIn and Twitter profiles, your blog, email signatures etc.  just like your business logo, it's a good opportunity to use your headshot photographer to make a positive, lasting impression on your audience.


A corporate portrait photographer will pose you in a way to showcase the personality you want to show.  That will make it noticeably memorable even as a small profile picture. 


Before you pull out your selfie stick, ask yourself if you want professional business portraits or are you okay with settling for an amateur shot.

Let’s Go With An Experienced Corporate
Portrait Photographer Shall We?

Michelle has been a headshot photographer for years.  She’ll capture the expression that you want to portray in your business portraits.

The look you want in your headshot photograph can only be revealed by a skilled and experienced photographer. In fact, the right camera angle alone can show warmth and friendliness or strength and authority. Tell us the impression your audience should get when they look at your professional business portrait then let us do the rest. 

Click The “Get A Quote” Button To Request An Estimate For Professional Business Portraits


Regardless of your position in the organization you’ll want to display truly professional business portraits to your audience.  If they will be seen by thousands of people it is that much more important.   Don’t take chances with any headshot photographer. 

Done by a corporate portrait photographer and headshot photographer
Not any headshot photographer can be a good corporate portrait photographer

Nervous? You don’t have to be.  Having your headshot done by a corporate portrait photographer that loves her work is quick and painless. Your smile will come out naturally and that will show through in your photo.  A genuine smile looks very different than “cheese”.


While you pose in front of her camera she’ll take a lot of shots just to capture a hand full of images to represent you perfectly.  She has all the best cameras and lenses to capture it and the lighting and software to enhance it but even more importantly… she has the skill, experience and desire to create professional business portraits for you.


Get your business photos taken by Michelle Manzoni.  Don’t accept substitutes.  Click the “Get A Quote” button or call Michelle now to get a cost estimate.

(905) 962-0840

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