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What You Need To Know

About Special Event Photography

A freelance event photographer has to have the right experience

and equipment to properly capture your event.
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Great event photography takes a lot more than knowing what shutter speed to use.  A skilled event photographer will ask you important questions before she begins. 

Don’t settle for any freelance event photographer. event photography rates per hour special event photography great event photography
How Much Will It Cost?


We’re often asked, “What are your event photography rates per hour?” As much as we’d love to post prices, there are too many variables to do so.  Will you need additional lighting? Photos printed at the event? Special editing or formatting of the images?  Uploading images to a website?

We can provide special event photography with any options at a competitive price.  Takes just a minute to find out.

Click the “Get A Quote” button or call Michelle now to find out how affordable great event photography can be.

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“What kind of emotions do the photos need to portray?”

“Should they be fun and laid back like a social media firm?”
“Or powerful and stern like corporate litigators?​



Before hiring any freelance event photographer be sure that he or she has the right credentials.  Michelle’s portfolio includes Olympic celebrations, galas, beauty pageants, award ceremonies and sporting events. 


How To Choose A Freelance Event Photographer 

​Great event photography is one-third skill, one-third creativity and the rest is intuition. Michelle is always ready with her camera pointed and finger on the button anticipating what’ll happen next.

There are no retakes so she makes every shot count.  Often, hundreds of photographs are taken to get a handful of stunning images that capture the spirit and emotion of your event.

Hire a photographer for an event with the skill and experience to deliver images that leave your event goers with a lasting, favorable impression.

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