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Michelle Manzoni has lived the Burlington area much of her life in and is one of the few local photographers to boast a much diversified portfolio of clients.

Of all the Burlington commercial photographers, Michelle’s photo was chosen for the backdrop of Cable 14’s television set.   A lot of her work has been published or displayed.  As one of the most sought after Burlington photographers, Michelle has taken photos of food for menus and award winning cookbooks; and we’re proud to say not just any award – we’re talking the International Gourmand Awards.


She has experience shooting sporting events, parties, celebrity images, concerts and a multitude of photos for ads and websites. 

If you want, she can also do Photoshop editing like removing skin blemishes and wrinkles - a task that most local photographers are not able to do.

Michelle Manzoni is an accomplished Burlington photographer and one of the commercial photographers near me.  Often chosen over all local photographers.

 Like most Burlington photographers, she enjoys the diversity of this city for excellent photo opportunities.  From the lakeshore to landmarks, old buildings and new ones, restaurants and businesses and the hard-working, friendly people that live here.   On numerous occasions her work has been proudly displayed in local galleries and the “Innovation Factory”.

She’s takes headshots for professionals, entertainers, models and does family portraits in your home.  She’s done events, retail and industrial commercial product shots and several cookbooks.  If you searched for “commercial photographers near me”, start smiling because your search is now over. 

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As an experienced Burlington photographer Michelle Manzoni has consistently provided images that people and businesses have relied on for the highest standards. 

Regardless what you need your photos to do for you she’s the one to call.  You’ll get awesome images at a competitive rate.

Of all the commercial photographers near me, this Burlington photographer is the best of all local photographers in the area.
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