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The vast majority of photos she takes have specific intent – to sell something or instill emotion in the viewer. 


As owner of PhotoSplash Photography and Co-founder of FloodGate Marketing Inc., her entrepreneurial spirit has unleashed the creativity of an artistic photographer without compromising the staunch discipline needed for commercial images that sell brands.


To her, the photograph she takes for you is not just another shutter click.  It’s a market portrayal of you, your brand and your products.  Each click shoulders an important responsibility.


Her clients include major corporations and small businesses, marketing agencies, chefs, authors, retailers, entertainers, automotive dealers, manufacturers, Realtors, lawyers, accountants and more.


Since 2006 Michelle Manzoni has been providing images for cookbooks, magazines, websites and advertisers throughout Ontario.  She is equipped with an endless supply of props, cameras, lenses, backdrops and lighting…


…all waiting to be used on your next project.

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